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Documented in this report are the names and ages of fifty-five pregnant women who have been tragically murdered over the recent decades for refusing to have an abortion. Fifty-five women whose lives were gruesomely ended way too early. It is tragic enough that a young woman with her life ahead of her could be so heartlessly killed. It is even more tragic that a second life, one that had not even been born, was cruelly snuffed out. So, in all these cases, there were one-hundred-and-five innocent victims killed. It is time we started considering the unborn baby’s life as much worth defending as the mothers.

The next time a pro-choice person acts with outrage over a pregnant woman being killed by her boyfriend, ask if they have the same amount of outrage that a second innocent life was taken. Remind them that there are indeed two victims, not one. Also remind them that in each of these tragic cases the woman’s “choice” was to keep her child, and the man would not allow her to have that choice.

When speaking of the “humanness” of the unborn child, bear in mind that as of this writing thirty-eight states have Fetal Homicide Laws on the books. These laws explicitly define the fetus as a person under fetal homicide laws, or otherwise confers rights or protections upon the fetus or unborn child. [1]

The stories below are obviously not pleasant. They are, however, stories that should be told. If telling these stories accomplishes anything, it should raise awareness to the danger pregnant women are placed in. Telling these stories should also motivate us to ensure the men who killed them get justice.

Reach out to VAPW on Facebook if you have a correction to make or you know something about the case. We would love to hear from those who knew the victims.

[1] * Indicates states that have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy.

  1. Alabama *
  2. Alaska *
  3. Arizona *
  4. Arkansas *
  5. California
  6. Florida *
  7. Georgia *
  8. Idaho *
  9. Illinois *
  10. Indiana *
  11. Kansas *
  12. Kentucky *
  13. Louisiana *
  14. Maryland
  15. Massachusetts
  16. Michigan *
  17. Minnesota *
  18. Mississippi *
  19. Missouri *
  20. Montana
  21. Nebraska *
  22. Nevada
  23. New Hampshire
  24. North Carolina *
  25. North Dakota *
  26. Ohio *
  27. Oklahoma *
  28. Pennsylvania *
  29. Rhode Island
  30. South Carolina *
  31. South Dakota *
  32. Tennessee *
  33. Texas *
  34. Utah *
  35. Virginia
  36. Washington
  37. West Virginia *
  38. Wisconsin *